Next generation monitoring of OTMR systems for the rail industry. Monitor and analyse data in real time across OTMR devices.
  • Simple to provision and connect to your fleet.
  • Get access to real-time data from legacy systems.
  • Flexible licensing plans

Easy to integrate

OMNIMACHINA OTMR is a software first platform that can be installed and run from any of your existing Linux or Windows hardware, already on train units

New computing hardware doesn't need to be purchased & installed, as you only pay for the software licenses as required.

This also helps save cost and allows for the software to run on units that are soon to be decomisioned.


The OMNIMACHINA software is tested to pull live data feeds from the following on train event recorders

  • Wabtech QTRON
  • Grinsty DR2000

Cloud Native

The OMNIMACHINA software pushes event updates directly to our dashboard as well as to your existing event dashboards, including CAF LeadMind

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Real-Time Data

Data is sent in real-time to your existing data platform. Current support for CAF LeadMind, Logstash and SQL.Accuratetimeisrecorded from GPS source, matched with OTMR time. GPS location is recorded continuously and augmented with data.


Connection is made directly to the serial port. Data is sent through the on-board gateway, securely to the OM broker (Wi-Fi/Ethernet). OM brokerdirects data to correct endpoint. Scheduled data can be sent to dedicated file server.

Software only

Runs as a software service on your existing COTS hardware. This provides a cost saving to you and reduces cabling/power requirements.Updatescanbeprovidedovertheair(OTA).Flexible OPEX licensing plans. Licensing also available for 3rdparties.

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